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Marion Rose, Ph.D. is the mother of two teenagers and has been deeply involved in the fields of psychology and consciousness since 1987.

In her twenties, she dived in deep to both academic psychology and psychospiritual psychotherapy, gaining a Ph.D. from Cambridge University and going on to do a Post-Doctoral Fellowship in infant development. She was then a Lecturer and Supervisor on The Therapeutic Relationship for M.A. students at the first University department on Complementary Health Studies in the UK.

Alongside this academic path, she also trained and worked as a Psychosynthesis psychotherapist. In her thirties she trained in HypnoBirthing and Private Subconscious-mind Healing before a (mostly) free birth of her daughter, and then trained in Calmbirth before the free birth of her son.

She came across Aware Parenting by Aletha Solter, Ph.D. ( whilst pregnant with her daughter, and has been passionate about it for the two decades since then, becoming an Aware Parenting Instructor in 2005 and a Level Two Instructor a few years after that.

In 2012, she was called to focus on mothers and mothering from her own journey and working with other mothers practicing Aware Parenting who were attuned to their children’s needs, listening to their feelings and responding without punishments, rewards, guilt, shame or blame, but were still ignoring their own needs, judging their feelings, and punishing themselves with guilt and shame. She got free from guilt and a harsh inner dialogue and became passionate about helping other mothers do the same.

In 2014, she started creating online courses, starting with the Love Being a Mother Course. She developed the Inner Loving Presence press and with the support of her then-mentor, the psychospiritual context reemerged to the forefront, linking her psychosynthesis work with developmental psychology and many other modalities she’d learnt, to create Psychospiritual Parenting and ReParenting.

In recent years, she’s been passionate about psychological un-colonisation. She sees mothering as a profound journey that invites mothers to see how powerful they are in changing the disconnected domination culture through reconnecting with their sacred power and raising their children to be deeply connected to their true nature as interconnected loving beings with profound innate power.

With these tees, she is inviting you to identify with your power as a mother and to support your children in staying connected with their true loving powerful feeling nature.

She says: “When you’re wearing, “I am powerful, I am love,” I invite you to reconnect with that knowing - not as an affirmation to to try to persuade yourself to believe it, but as an embodied remembering of who you really are.

When you’re wearing, “I’m here with you. I’m here with me,” I invite you to sense into that loving presence that is your true nature, always here with you, with each breath. From that Inner Loving Presence, do you feel your loving presence to be with your child / friend / partner / others?

When you’re wearing “I’m claiming my sacred power as a mother to transform myself and the world,” are you willing to reclaim that? When you aim to parent without punishment, guilt and shame, listening to your child’s needs, feelings and preferences, you are literally changing the cultural paradigm. When you respond to the psychospiritual invitation of mothering and gradually get free from guilt and honour your needs and listen to your feelings, you are changing the collective field of mothering, which profoundly affects the world.

The children’s tees are designed to support your child in knowing that their feelings are welcomed. If you ever wished that your child came with parenting instructions, there are also parenting reminders, such as on the “Want me to cooperate?” tee. If, in the middle of painful parenting moments, you want a reminder that your child wants empathy just as you do, the “my feelings are as real for me…” might help. If your child wants to remind you that they’re not responsible for your feelings, they might choose the, “hey, adult!” one!

These tees are embodied representations of the powerful loving consciousness that we each are, and are a tangible form to connect in with, and live from, that consciousness. I hope that you enjoy wearing them as much as I’ve enjoyed designing them!"

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