Our Story

Andrea Ojaimy, Melbourne-based mum, Motivational Speaker and Meditation Facilitator, experienced harrowing anxiety throughout her whole life, exacerbated after the birth of her children.

Her journey led her to find freedom in mindfulness practices and this discovery guided her down the path to becoming a life coach, motivational speaker and meditation facilitator. 

As she navigated the depths of her anxiety and mental health struggle, her daughter also began exhibiting signs of anxiety and a disorder called selective mutism, leaving her unable to express her voice to the world.

It then became Andrea's mission to support her daughter through what she knew to be an incredibly overwhelming existence, as she herself had also experienced such difficulties.

Andrea desired to raise awareness of anxiety and mental health struggles for children and adults alike.

And so began The Awaken journey.

The Awaken label was founded with the intention to awaken people to their inherent power and find the freedom within their heart and mind.

Are you ready to Awaken?